Talking points and key messages drafted by AI

By using machine learning algorithms to analyze information sources, AI tools like ChatGPT can assist government officials in drafting effective talking points and key messages. These tools can identify the most relevant topics and concerns related to a particular policy issue or initiative that should be addressed, and generate targeted messaging in communication styles tailored to the specific audience.

Sample AI prompts

What makes good talking points for use by government officials?

Provide talking points on the importance of the following government policy: [details]

We need to communicate the government’s position on the following policy initiative to the public. Can you draft some key messages that highlight our stance on this issue? [Details of policy initiative]

Can you provide talking points for a government official to use on the benefits of the following policy initiative to help build public support? [Details]

We need to address stakeholder concerns about [placeholder] included in the following text. Can you draft some key messages that help to clarify the government’s position on this issue? [Text]

Draft some talking points that emphasize the government’s commitment to [placeholder] in order to build trust with the public. Draft the talking points as bullet points.

Prepare compelling talking points that are supported by evidence to emphasize the tangible and specific benefits of the following government policy, tailored to the audience’s interests and concerns. [Details of policy]

Provide key messages that are clear, concise, and easily understandable to the target audience about the government’s new policy on [placeholder], using language that is memorable and action-oriented.

Draft key messages that promote awareness of the government’s policy to [details] and encourage the public to take action. Tailor the messages to the specific audience and their interests or concerns, using language that is clear, compelling, and memorable. Draft the key messages as bullet points.

How this image was created using AI

The following prompt was used with ChatGPT (GPT-3.5):

Suggest some prompts to create an image to accompany the following website post: [post text]

One of the prompts suggested by ChatGPT was as follows:

Create an image that illustrates AI tools assisting in the creation of talking points. Show AI algorithms processing information sources, generating key messages, and presenting them in a structured format. Use visual elements like speech bubbles, AI algorithms, and information flow to symbolize the AI-driven generation of talking points.

This prompt was then used to create an image using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing.