Singapore developing software with ChatGPT-like features for public sector

The Singapore government is developing a suite of productivity tools called Pair for the public service, similar to the popular chatbot ChatGPT. Pair, powered by large language models (LLMs), can serve as a writing assistant, coding support, and idea sparring partner. It is being developed by the Open Government Products team under GovTech and has 4,000 registered users. The software ensures secure and efficient use of LLMs and comes with heightened security arrangements. The government is also exploring the use of AI to enhance digital services for citizens, including personalizing searches on SupportGoWhere. The government is focused on equipping public officers with an understanding of AI through its data literacy program. Partnerships with OpenAI and Google Cloud aim to experiment with building plug-ins and generative AI applications. However, the government is cautious about AI’s risks and emphasizes stringent testing before deployment.