How federal CDOs can unlock the power of artificial intelligence

The article discusses the crucial role of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) in government agencies in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). It highlights that data is the most important asset for AI models and emphasizes the need for CDOs to lead efforts in building a data culture and executing transparent and trustworthy operations. Despite challenges and ambiguities in their roles, CDOs can employ four key strategies to drive AI adoption effectively:

  1. Build a roadmap to gain cultural buy-in by aligning AI with mission objectives and engaging stakeholders in smaller projects.
  2. Create a living inventory of data by identifying what data an organization has and maintaining it efficiently.
  3. Identify sponsors and key stakeholders to ensure ongoing support and resources for AI initiatives.
  4. Track progress consistently and effectively by monitoring and evaluating data strategies to adapt to changes and hold stakeholders accountable.

The article underscores that government CDOs play a critical role in preparing agencies for AI adoption, emphasizing the importance of secure, trustworthy, and transparent data to unlock impactful technologies across the federal government.