Generating questions and answers about a policy or issue using AI

Artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, can be employed to generate possible questions that may come up in various policymaking contexts, including public consultations, the legislative process, media engagement, policy advocacy, public forums, social media, litigation, and academic analysis.

By analyzing relevant data sources, such as policy documents, stakeholder concerns, and related news articles, these tools can identify key themes, potential gaps, or areas of interest and then formulate pertinent questions based on this analysis.

The tools can then be used to generate potential answers to those questions.

Anticipating questions and having answers prepared promotes informed decision-making, effective communication, and fosters public trust. It also ensures responsiveness, adaptability, and efficient use of resources in the policymaking process.

Sample AI prompts

In government policymaking, in what context might external stakeholders or third persons ask questions about a policy?

Generate questions that stakeholders may ask during a public consultation for the following policy: [details].

List questions that may be raised by elected representatives during the legislative process for the following policy: [details].

Suggest questions that journalists or media professionals may pose during interviews or press conferences about the following policy: [details].

Create questions that interest groups and civil society organizations may ask while advocating for or against the following policy: [details].

Identify questions that the public may ask during a town hall meeting or public forum discussing the following policy: [details].

Propose questions that social media users may raise in online discussions about the following policy: [details].

Formulate questions that may be posed during legal proceedings or court challenges related to the following policy: [details].

Develop questions that scholars or policy experts may ask while conducting research or analysis on the following policy: [details].

Draft answers to the above questions, keeping each answer to a single paragraph.

Prepare talking points that answer the above questions. The talking points should be suitable for use by government officials.

How this image was created using AI

The following prompt was used with Image Creator from Microsoft Bing:

A person answering the questions of other people. Digital photo.