Federal government issues new rules for public servants using AI

The Canadian federal government has introduced new guidelines for the use of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, by public servants. The guidelines aim to ensure responsible usage of AI tools and prevent biases from influencing decision-making. The guidelines define generative AI as technology that produces various forms of content, like text, audio, code, videos and images, for applications like chatbots, emails, research or programming. They recommend caution when using AI for public communications or automating assessments and decisions about clients. Transparency in the use of AI technology is encouraged, with clear identification and notification to users when AI tools are used. The guidelines emphasize compliance with laws and policies and stress that these guidelines are complementary to existing legal obligations. The government clarified that the introduction of AI tools is not about replacing jobs but rather enhancing the work of existing and future employees. However, unions have raised concerns about the need for clearer regulations and guidelines regarding AI use, consultation with unions and workers, and ensuring that AI enhances jobs rather than replacing them.