Consultation on public sector generative AI use open until July 28

Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has opened a public consultation on generative artificial intelligence (AI) guidelines for public sector workers until July 28. The draft guidelines specify that civil servants must retain control over the content they produce using generative AI and are not allowed to use AI to create confidential documents. Those in charge of projects using AI must assess related risks and make final decisions on AI use. Public sector workers are prohibited from providing confidential or unauthorized information to AI engines. The guidelines also stress that AI should not be the sole basis for policy-making, and civil servants should disclose their use of generative AI when possible. The NSTC aims to establish a general ethical and legal framework for AI, including defining AI, ensuring privacy protections, data governance, risk controls, and ethical principles. The government plans to publish a draft law for AI in September, covering AI industry promotion and compliance. Similar efforts are being made in other countries like Germany, Japan, and South Korea to establish shared principles for AI regulation and dedicated AI frameworks.