Bing Chat by Microsoft

Bing Chat is an AI-powered feature of the Bing search engine developed by Microsoft, which offers users a more conversational and interactive search experience. It allows users to search, chat and create in one place. With Bing Chat, users can ask questions in a conversational tone, follow-up with more specific or complex questions and refine their search in chat. Bing Chat also generates complete answers to questions by summarizing search results across the web, and it can help users be creative by providing prompts and ideas for writing poems, stories, or even creating images.

Microsoft has unveiled Bing Chat Enterprise, a more secure version of its AI-powered Bing chat specifically designed for businesses. The enterprise version ensures that user chat data is not saved, sent to Microsoft’s servers, or used to train AI models. This addresses security and privacy concerns that some businesses had when using AI chatbots. The tool will be available for free to all of Microsoft’s 160 million Microsoft 365 subscribers, but businesses can disable it if desired. With the new tool, users can have confidence that their data will not be leaked outside the organization. The update also aims to reduce factual errors by encouraging users to write clear prompts and check citations.